Radicals threaten media in Bangladesh

THE eight Islamist parties Sunday said they would urge the people to boycott the media which will “continue to publish or broadcast pro-atheist and provocative” news.

Led by Khelafat Andolon, the Islamist parties issued the threat saying if the media does not refrain from publishing or broadcasting “confusing” news siding with the atheist, they will call the boycott from March 1.

Meanwhile, unknown people have issued phone threats to many participants of Shahbagh movement and asked them not to go to the Projonmo Chattar.

The callers also have said Shahbagh is the place where derogatory comments are made against Islam and Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

“I received a call from an unknown number around 1:45pm on Friday. The caller told me that he knows well that I join Shahbagh rally every day”, said a girl wishing not to be named.

She quoted the unknown caller saying, “You know, Islam and Prophet Mohammad are being insulted at Shahbagh. So it would be better for you if you do not go there.” Many of her friends also received such threats.

Talking to The Daily Star, another recipient said Jamaat-Shibir activists or their sympathisers might have made such calls.

Masudur Rahman, deputy commissioner of Media and Community Service of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, said they were yet to know about it and receive any such complaint. He suggested filing general diary with police.


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