Media hails Kim Jong-un as ‘supreme commander’

NEW North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been hailed by state media as “supreme commander” of the country’s powerful armed forces for the first time.

The ruling party newspaper Rodong Shinmun also called on Kim Jong-un to lead North Korea to “eternal victory”, BBC reports.

State media had been calling Mr Kim “the great successor” after the death of his father Kim Jong-il on Monday.

Mr Kim has little political experience and experts believe senior officials are guiding the transition.

“We declare from our hearts … we will complete the task of songun (military-first) revolution under comrade Kim Jong-un”, the paper said in an editorial.

The “songun” policy prioritises spending on North Korea’s armed forces.

Last year, the Swiss-educated Mr Kim was made a four-star general and given senior positions in the government and the Workers’ Party.

The announcement comes on the 20th anniversary of the declaration of the late Kim Jong-Il as supreme commander in 1991.

Large crowds have continued to mourn Mr Kim’s death in the capital Pyongyang, gathering to bow in front of large portraits of him set up around the city.


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