Khaleda says confrontation indispensable

This file photograph shows Khaleda Zia addressing a press conference

OPPOSITION leader Khaleda Zia on Thursday said the passage of the 15th amendment to the country’s constitution, which abolished the caretaker government system, has made political confrontation indispensable.

“This makes the confrontation indispensable. This amounts to waging war against the people by dint of sheer power,” she said responding to the 15th amendment at a press conference.

The constitutional amendment has shut doors for free and fair elections and peaceful transfer of power, Khaleda noted while speaking at a press briefing at her Gulshan office.

The constitutional arrangement to hold the future elections keeping the parliament and the cabinet in operation were made with ill intention, she said.

The government disregarded the scope of holding the next two general elections under the caretaker government as suggested by the Supreme Court, she added.

The future election will be nothing but a “farce”, she said, adding that the consequence of this amendment would not yield any good.

“This has been done in the interest of shabby party interest banishing the national interest. This is an abhorrent act,” Khaleda said.

The BNP chief urged all to be united to “save the county and the nation from the fascist Awami League government”.

The Jatiya Sangsad on Thursday repealed the caretaker government system amid out-of-the-House opposition by BNP and its allies.

The BNP chairperson convened the press briefing to speak on key national issues, chiefly the caretaker government.

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