Rab-maimed Limon pleads PM for Justice

This file photo shows Limon Hossain sitting on a hospital bed.

COLLEGE student Limon Hossain, allegedly shot and maimed by members of elite force Rab in Jhalakati, on Thursday appealed to the prime minister for justice and protection from influential quarters.

Limon at Pangu Hospital in the capital told The Daily Star that he was never in speaking terms with criminal Morshed Jamaddar or his family members. He did not even know him, he claimed.

He said, “I request Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to look into the matter. I want justice from her.”

His father Tofazzol Hossain said he requested the doctors not to release him in a few days as Limon has not recovered completely and because he will not be able to treat him anywhere else.

Nitor Director Prof KH Abdul Awal said, “Limon was scheduled to be released from the hospital. A few weeks later a Savar NGO will arrange for his artificial leg.”

He said now Limon has to continue certain exercises.

However, Tofazzol said Limon is not completely recovered as he suffer from fevers regularly and pain.

The doctors assured them they would allow Limon to stay in the hospital until Sunday.

Tofazzol said, “If we have financial help I will shift him to a private clinic.”

Limon, 16, has been undergoing treatment at National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (Nitor) after his release on bail on May 9. He got shot on March 23 at his village Saturia in Rajapur of Jhalakathi during a Rab operation there.

Meanwhile, home ministry investigator Shawkat Akbar reached Rajapur around 10:45am. Behind closed doors, he talked to Zahangir Hossain, Rajapur upazila nirbahi officer, Sub-Inspector Arifur Rahman, investigation officer of the two cases lodged by Rab against Limon, Sub-Inspector Abdul Halim, investigation officer of the case lodged by Limon’s mother against six Rab personnel.

He told The Daily Star over phone that it was his third visit after taking charge of the investigation and he will try to submit his report on Sunday. His superiors would forward the report within a day or two.


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