>brutality personified!

>59-year-old Gofran draws all eyes at BDR court for leading role in massacre
FIFTY-nine-year-old BDR Subedar Major Gofran Malllick became the centre of focus when 668 accused of the 24 Rifle Battalion were hauled before the Special Court-5 on the second day’s proceedings Saturday.

Gofran looked a little restless as he was sitting on the first chair on the front row dock. He along with other rebel leaders allegedly led the massacre during the BDR mutiny in Pilkhana on February 25-26 last year.

Officials linked to the trial and investigation told The Daily Star Gofran’s cruelty even in this old age astonished them. They said some of his brutality is evident in some video footage.

The three-member BDR specials courts would not try the grievous offences committed by the mutineers, as the civil court would deal with those on completion of investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department.

So, many of the grievous offences committed by the alleged mutineers of 24 Rifle Battalion did not come in the case of mutiny before the special court.

Prosecutor Lt Col Md Shamsur Rahman told the court Gofran and 449 others spontaneously collected arms and ammunition from armoury and took part in the mutiny, sources say.

The majority of the BDR personnel of 24 Rifle Battalion were involved in the mutiny under the leadership of their JCO (Junior Commanding Officer) Gofran, he added.

Yesterday’s trial started at 1:22pm, over three hours behind schedule as it took more time to bring the accused from Dhaka and Kashimpur jails.

Before the court started its proceeding, the alleged mutineers were lined up outside the Darbar Hall, where the courtroom has been set up to try the mutineers.


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