>Zia was Bangladesh’s first president, BNP claims!

>ZIAUR Rahman was the first president of Bangladesh, as he took charge of the country after proclaiming independence in 1971, The Daily Star quotes today senior BNP leaders to be claiming.
It was his leadership that won the nation independence, they added.
The opposition leaders were addressing a discussion organised by BNP at the city’s Mahanagar Natya Mancha on the occasion of the Independence Day.
BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia attended the programme as chief guest, but did not speak.
Party’s Secretary General Khandaker Delwar Hossain, who presided over the discussion, said Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s March 7 speech was not a declaration of independence.
“Even Awami League leaders AK Khandaker, Major (retd) Rafiqul Islam and Subid Ali Bhuiyan in their books say Zia declared independence,” he added.
The ruling AL is now creating confusion over the issue only to divert people’s attention from the anti-government movement, he said.
Former law minister Moudud Ahmed said there is no room for causing confusion that Zia was the proclaimer of independence.
Rafiqul Islam Mian said Zia led the Liberation War, and Bangladesh gained independence under his leadership.
Mirza Abbas said the country’s sovereignty is safe only in the hands of BNP, as Bangladesh became independent following Zia’s declaration.


One thought on “>Zia was Bangladesh’s first president, BNP claims!

  1. >I do not like to describe regarding any unfounded issue. Just want to command——>The people of Bangladesh are not stupid and not illiterate. So we know the true issue from now to more then 200 years back history of Bangladesh.lets go to referendum-who is the father of nation?1. Zia or2. MujibIf Zia get the majority vote then that of Mujib by the people of Bangladesh, Zia will be the father of nation of Bangladesh and also for the declaration of the independent of Bangladesh in 1971.If not please do not tell lie again and again for the political reason.So please stop this king of false issue for the present and future generation.

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