>Pakistan may lose cricket WC role after attack

>THE terrorist attack on the Sri Lanka team in Pakistan may cost the country its role as a co- host of the 2011 Cricket World Cup and stop teams visiting, Bloomberg.com reports quoting the sport’s top official.
Meantime, the Lankan cricketers returned to Colombo after the attack that sent a chill down their spine.
Yesterday’s shooting, which left six police officers and two civilians dead and five Sri Lankan cricketers and a coach injured, marked the first time teams have been targeted in a terrorist incident. The International Cricket Council will meet next month to discuss Pakistan’s future as a cricket venue, Bloomberg.com quotes Chief Executive Officer Haroon Lorgat to be saying at a press conference.
“It’s difficult to see international cricket being played in Pakistan in the immediate future,” Lorgat said in London. “Pakistan may play in neutral venues as the home team.”
The incident in Lahore came four months after a three-day terrorist attack in Mumbai left 164 people dead and prompted India to cancel a tour of Pakistan. The Sri Lanka team had stepped in as a replacement. With the 2011 World Cup scheduled for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the violence may scare off players and
“The board will have to think very extensively on how Pakistan will be used for that,” Lorgat said. “There is great reluctance for cricketers to return. We mustn’t believe that Pakistan will remain unsafe for ever and ever. We must hope it doesn’t.”
Lorgat said a final decision on who hosts the 2011 event can be made up to February 2010.
Security Issues
“At this point, there is no plan to move it out of the subcontinent,” Lorgat said. Security may be improved by limiting the number of nations holding the event, he added.
Australia, which will co-host host the 2015 tournament with New Zealand, wants the 2011 edition to remain in Asia, said Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland.

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