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>the barbarity is unimaginable, unforgivable: Mahfuz Anam

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“Nation must stand united behind democracy, the elected govt and punishment of the killers,” Mahfuz Anam, editor of Bangladesh’s top national English daily, The Daily Star, writes in a commentary.

AS the bodies were being brought out from the sewer one by one, and as a mass grave was being excavated within the BDR headquarters, the people of Bangladesh, perhaps of the world at large, stood aghast at the extent of the barbarity perpetrated on the officers of our border security forces. As we watched on television the heart rending scenes of distraught families desperately trying to get a last glimpse of the mutilated bodies of their loved ones and others anxiously waiting for some news of those missing, the natural question that came to our mind was, for what “crimes” were these officers meted out such inglorious death? For what unprofessional acts were life snuffed out of them at the height of their career? For what possible action of theirs could a section of BDR jawans murder their officers in such an inhuman and un-soldierly manner? The answer escapes reason, words and logic. However, one thing can be said with certainty, if there were some sympathy for the points raised by the rebellious jawans, not an iota of it remained in the public mind after the initial extent of the crime became evident yesterday.

No, these cannot be outbursts of anybody that ever wore any uniform of a disciplined force. These cannot be the soldiers of BDR as we knew them and respected them for their untiring work in guarding our borders. These were the work of premeditated murderers who planned, prepared and then executed what amounts to the biggest loss of life of our well-trained officers corps of our armed forces.

As we absorb the shock and the feel in our hearts of the true extent of the tragedy, we must also be aware that we have a nation to take forward, our armed forces to strengthen, our BDR to re-build and, most importantly our democracy to strengthen and make functional.


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