>mutineers surrender arms


THE rebellious members of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) this afternoon started to surrender arms, hours after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged them to go back to barracks.

Earlier, Home Minister Sahara Khatun said the BDR mutineers in the Pilkhana’s BDR Headquarters have already surrendered their arms, ending nearly a two-day tension.

Several army officers along with their family members, who were kept hostage by the mutineers, were released in phases today after the armoured army encircled it.

Incidents of sporadic gunshots also reported from the gate No 2 and 3 of the headquarters.

Negotiations between the mutineers and government have been going on since yesterday to calm down the agitation that claimed 11 people.

Tensions have still been running high in and around the BDR Headquarters that spread across the country.

The prime minister yesterday verbally pardoned the BDR rebellions but it could not make any immediate breakthrough.

At least 50 people were feared killed in Wednesday’s BDR revolt, UNB adds today quoting State Minister for Law Advocate Quamrul Islam.


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