>back to barracks right now or face action: PM


PRIME Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged the BDR mutineers to go back to barracks at this moment after surrendering their arms, otherwise “I’ll be bound to take any step in the interest of the country”.

“You surrender the arms. I’m giving you words that none of you will be harmed,” the premier called upon the rebel BDR jawans during her address to the nation.

In her brief televised address to the nation, she said, “Do not take the law in your own hands. You have to be patience and abide by the chain of commands. I’m requesting you not to find any way of self-conflict. We’re trying to resolve your problems with patience. Do not follow any away so that I loss my patience.”

“I am trying to solve the problems through negotiations not through using force,” she said adding, “I’m requesting BDR jawans to stay far from any rumour or any provoking speeches by any groups or individuals.”

“I’m very socked at the yesterday’s incidents,” said the premier adding the steps have already been taken for appropriate treatment of the injured.

Some unwanted incidents are polluting the environment, she said and called upon all not make any comment that may aggravate the situation.


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