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>UN for setting new political discourse in BD


A senior UN official today (Wednesday) said the installation of a new government through a transparent election in Bangladesh must establish a new political discourse on national issues.

“It’s the time to change the cycle that had been followed in the past and look forward, rather than looking at the past,” UNDP Assistant Secretary General Ajay Chhibber told a pre-departure press conference at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel ending his 5-day visit to Bangladesh. (Full article)

He also hoped that the new political atmosphere would also help to figure out solutions despite having differences on many issues.

The leaders of Bangladesh should have to focus on development issues, current economic recession and impact of the climate change and find out solutions of those. There is so much to be done on development issues and it is important to keep focus on those, Chhibber said.

On strengthening of institutions for good governance, he said it is very critical for Bangladesh to have strong and transparent institutions including the Anti-Corruption Commission and local government.

The UN official said the government must ensure that changes so far made so that the changes will not make the institutions weaker by less politicisation.

“This is a great opportunity for Bangladesh to set a new discourse and strong and functioning institutions for better governance,” he told a correspondent.

On UN assistance in holding trial of the war criminals, Chhibber said the matter was raised to him during this visit. It is for Bangladesh to decide and if it wants to go ahead with the war crime issue, UN will share its experience with Bangladesh.

He said UN helped other countries on the issue in the past and “we continue to do so today.” It is important to collect all previous experiences on war crime trials and make those available to the Bangladesh government to study how this issue was conducted in other parts of the world.

Chhibber said every country is different and every situation is different. Based on that, what are the international best practices and norms on this issue, “we are prepared to share our experiences with the government. And after that Bangladesh government can decide how it wishes to proceed with all these issues.”


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