>Fakhruddin happy with smooth power transition

>OUTGOING Chief Adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed today expressed his satisfaction over smooth transfer of power to an elected government through fair elections.

“I feel happy to see that the power is being transferred smoothly to an elected government. It will be a great achievement for the countrymen,” he told reporters after paying his farewell visit to President Iajuddin Ahmed at Bangabhaban.

Replying to question, Fakhruddin said he would stay in Dhaka and pass his time writing from his repository of experience after handing over power.

He would remain always ready to extend his cooperation to the new government, if required.

About his caretaker government’s achievements, the CA said maintaining law and order, facing disasters like floods and Sidr, and finally holding a free, fair and credible election as the most successful achievements.

“We could make a field where people of the country cast their votes without any fear and returned home safely,” he said about the December 29 crucial polls.

The CA said his government tried its level best to carry on country’s economic activities and did some institutional reforms, including the formation of Local Government Commission and Human Rights Commission, and promulgation of the Right to Information Ordinance. All this will be fruitful for the future development of the county, he said.

About his expectations from the incoming government, Fakhruddin said the people expect of the new government to advance the country towards progress. “And as a citizen of the country, I also expect the prevailing stable law and order situation will be continued and improved further.”

During the meeting, Iajuddin thanked to the CA and his interim cabinet for running the country “efficiently and successfully”.

The head of the caretaker government expressed his gratitude to the president for all-out support to his government.

He told the president that last year, while the world was facing food crisis, country’s farmers produced 33 million tones of food grains.

And, presently, 1.3 million tones of food grains are in government stock, which is “much satisfactory”.

As Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country, the CA said the institutional capacity of disaster management has been increased which will be helpful in the future in facing natural calamity.

About earning foreign remittance, Fakhruddin said the amount of remittances had increased a lot in the last two years as about eight lakh Bangladeshi workers went abroad each year.


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