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>BNP, Jamaat start blaming each other for stunning debacle

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>BNP-led four-party components’ frantic efforts to figure out the reasons for their recent election debacle might end up splitting the alliance, as the main components BNP and Jamaat are blaming each other for the shocking defeat. (Full report)
Most of BNP’s rank and file believes the issue of Jamaat being popularly known as a party of war criminals pushed the new generation of fresh voters towards rival Awami League (AL)-led camp while Jamaat leaders and activists think the record of unbridled corruption by immediate past BNP ministers and lawmakers brought down the stigma of wholesale rejection on their alliance.
BNP insiders said people believe the immediate past four-party alliance government could not take strong steps against militancy on time due to Jamaat’s resistance, although the latter has always been denying that it has anything to do with militants.
A group of senior BNP leaders, who just got defeated by huge margins in the recent poll, however is trying hard to keep the alliance together.
“We lost about 32 percent votes which were cast by young generation first time voters, as the movement against war criminals turned into a serious issue in the pre-election period,” a former BNP lawmaker told The Daily Star yesterday.

But a Jamaat leader, who was also defeated in the poll, said, “It was a rigged election, although corruption was the main factor in this poll.”
Asked, which was more of a vital issue in the just concluded election, Jamaat-BNP alliance or corruption, Jamaat Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojahid told the Daily Star last night, “I want to say, people are not taking into cognisance the propaganda that was conducted against Jamaat before the election. We got 14 percent more votes than what we had got in 2001.”
Other top leaders of Jamaat also threw away outright the possibility of a split in four-party alliance.
“Four-party alliance will sit soon to evaluate the poll result after collecting necessary documents and pertinent information,” Mojahid said.


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