>first vote for new hope

>ENTHUSIASTIC first time voters representing almost one-fourth of around 81 millions on the electoral roll exercised their franchise with the hope of a positive attitude in members of next parliament. Julfikar Ali Manik writes.
Alif Layla, an MBA student of Dhaka University, was standing in a long queue at a Mohammadpur polling centre. She said she expects this election would bring some positive changes among the leaders and that’s why she was keen to cast her vote.
“I hope our security would be ensured and price of essentials sharply decrease,” she expressed her hopes. “We’ll return to democracy through this election and I hope our politicians will correct their past mistakes.”
Most of the first time voters shared the same vision about country’s future leaders.
Those from the educated middle class group sounded concerned about security, law and order, corruption, nepotism, education and employment issues. They believe the next elected government would work hard to address these issues.
On the other hand, those from the poor group were mostly concerned about the price hike of essentials. They said they were casting their votes with the hope that the new government would keep the prices within their reach.


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