>BNP unveils charter for ‘saving people, country’

>BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia yesterday announced her party’s election manifesto on the slogan ‘Save country, save people’, and said they will reform the caretaker government system and scrap the special powers act if voted back to power. (Full report)
She also pledged measures to contain price hike of essentials, curb corruption, restore law and order, combat terrorism, and allow the judiciary full independence.
The former prime minister said if BNP wins the December 29 election and forms government, it will make all representatives release their wealth accounts within 30 days of oath-taking. She read out the 36-point polls charter at a city hotel with a host of her party colleagues, diplomats and eminent citizens in the audience.
The programme began at around 4:00pm with renditions of the national anthem and party song. In the televised speech, Khaleda said they will strive to make parliament the centre of politics. “Speaker and deputy speaker will resign their party posts.”
The deputy speaker will be nominated from the opposition, she added.Standing committees will be formed by the second session of parliament. Chairmen of the committees will be picked from the opposition bench as well.
“No party or alliance will be allowed to boycott parliament sessions. They can however stage walkouts on specific issues,” said the BNP chief, adding that they will pursue a policy of bilateral discussions in parliament to resolve the issues of public interest.


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