>Bail denial under Emergency Power Rules illegal

>BANGLADESH’S High Court yesterday declared illegal and void some provisions of the Emergency Powers Ordinance (EPO), 2007 and Emergency Power Rules (EPR), 2007 that deny some rights including that to obtain bail in cases filed under these provisions and rules. (Click for full article)
The HC declared illegal the provisions suspending HC jurisdiction to stay the convictions handed down by the trial courts against the accused during proceeding of the appeals and the rights of the people to move to the courts against the government actions under the ordinance and rules.
The court also cancelled the provisions empowering the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to transfer the cases filed under the EPR to other courts.
After holding a long hearing on a writ, the HC bench of Justice ABM Khairul Haque and Justice Md Abdul Hye delivered the judgement.
The lawyers said the accused can now move to the courts for bail in the cases filed under EPR. The HC can grant bail to the accused during proceedings of the cases and stay the conviction against the accused during the pending of the appeals following yesterday’s verdict.


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