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>only civil servants, their wives approaching Tac

>ONLY incumbent and former government officials and wives of three of them have so far applied to face the Truth and Accountability Commission (Tac) in the 10 days since its inception for making voluntary disclosure of corruption, Emran Hossain writes in The Daily Star.
A few businessmen also visited the Tac office while politicians sent lawyers and contacted the commission themselves over phone to learn about the rules and regulations for the procedure and explanation of the Voluntary Disclosure of Information Ordinance 2008, commission sources said.
Two government officials directly applied to the Tac to confess their corruption while eight applied to Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for going to the Tac that began functioning on August 3.
The ACC held a meeting yesterday afternoon to decide on sending the eight applicants to the Tac to dispose of cases on a regular basis to avoid any backlog. But the meeting could not make any decision on them as their cases need further scrutiny, Tac sources said.
The commission will hold another meeting today to discuss the matter.
Tac officials said they expect that more corruption suspects will start coming up in a couple of days with applications seeking absolution. They expect that the third week of this month will be the peak time for filing such applications before the September 1 deadline.
“We are getting applications mostly from government service-holders while businessmen and politicians are making phone calls every day to learn about the rules and regulations for facing the commission,” Tac Chairman Justice Habibur Rahman Khan told The Daily Star.


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