>Russian troops enter South Ossetia after Georgian attack

>A Russian army convoy entered South Ossetia yesterday and Russian planes attacked a Georgian military base, reports said, after Georgian forces pounded the capital of the breakaway province and warned of “war” if Russia intervened. (Read full report)
Amid spiralling tensions, Moscow threatened retaliation after Russian forces in the beleaguered city of Tskhinvali were reported killed in a night-time Georgian artillery and air barrage.
Dozens of Russian tanks and military vehicles headed for the four-kilometre (2.5 mile) Roki tunnel, which leads into South Ossetia, an AFP reporter at the frontier said.
Russia’s three main news agencies said a convoy had crossed into South Ossetia.
“We cannot allow the deaths of our countrymen to go unpunished. The guilty parties will receive the punishment they deserve,” Russia President Dmitry Medvedev said earlier.
Georgia’s National Security Council warned however that there would be “a state of war” between the two countries if the Russian military convoy entered the rebel region, which gets strong backing from Moscow.


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