>10 months’ nightmare

>AFTER Arzina ducked the lighted matchstick, her husband chased and caught her and set fire to her, this time, with a gas lighter before locking the door from outside to ensure her death.
While in flames she suddenly realised rolling on the floor might put out the fire. The idea worked, but by that time 57 percent of her body was already burned.
Doctors termed Arzina Khatun’s condition “very critical” as she suffered serious burns in her face, breast, abdomen, both arms, back and part of thighs.
Struggling for life at the Burn Unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH), Arzina, a master in geography from Rajshahi College who passed the 27th BCS exams last year, described the torture she underwent since her marriage 10 months ago.
Her husband, Kamruzzaman Kamu, who teaches geography at Nohata Women’s Degree College in Rajshahi, turned mad towards her as he had an affair with a student, according to locals and the victim.
“Twenty-two days into our marriage, the girl student came to our area and told people about their relation,” Arzina, who works as a data entry operator with the Women Affairs Department, said. She added she used to live with her parents at Lakkhpiur Bhatapara until wedding formalities were completed on March 1. (Click for full report)


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