>a costly game

>AFTER a long 19 days of duel with death, the little schoolgirl from Keraniganj finally gave in to her burn injuries early yesterday morning amid all the groaning and squealing at burn unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH). (Full report)
Eight-year-old Rehamoni was electrocuted by high-voltage power lines while she was playing on a rooftop of a two-storied building near her house. Her untimely death comes as a wake up call to city residents who sometimes have to leave their children unattended.
“How can I go on without her now? Why didn’t Allah take my life instead of hers?” said Reha’s wailing mother Chandra Banu, sitting next to her daughter’s lifeless body at the DMCH burn unit.
Reha’s two sisters and two brothers were also found weeping. Their father Ahsanullah, who runs a sand trawler business at Kholamora in Keraniganj, was pacing back and forth in the hallway in an attempt to comprehend why he was having to face this horrible affair of losing his beloved child before his very eyes.


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