>DMCH doctors refer most patients to pvt diagnostic centres

>ELDERLY Mofizul Islam, a patient at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH), was worried how he would bear the expenses of four pathological tests at a private diagnostic centre as advised by the doctor at the medicine ward of DMCH. (Read full report)
The doctor came up with a solution, saying, “No problem, I am introducing you to a representative of ….. Diagnostic Centre. You will get a 40 percent discount from there.”
Referring patients to private diagnostic services by in-house physicians in exchange for “commission” or “gift” from the private services are rampant at public hospitals including DMCH, the country’s largest public hospital, and the adjacent Dhaka Medical College (DMC), said sources.
Although both the DMCH and DMC have laboratory facilities where 90 percent of the pathological tests and other investigations can be conducted round the clock, the physicians send about half of their patients to private diagnostic centres for the tests, the sources added.
This sort of unethical practice at seven medicine wards of DMCH alone causes a loss of nearly Tk 1 lakh each day to the hospital, according to them.
Mofiz, the 75-year-old muajjin at Masjidul Aksa in Ohab Colony area of Bashabo, was admitted to the DMCH on July 11 with complaints of pain in the abdomen.


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