>city hospitals struggle with rise in viral fever patients

>SITTING on a bench at the outpatient department of Dhaka Shishu Hospital, two-year-old Shourav wailed in pain and discomfort as his mother tried to clam him down.
The situation was repetitive in the department where everyone seemed to be waiting in queue for a doctor to see them.
Shourav and his mother had been waiting since morning for admission at a general ward but there was no bed left at the hospital that has seen a surge in number of patients suffering from viral fever and colds.
The picture is the same in all public hospitals in the city as the number of patients has almost doubled due to spread of seasonal viral diseases. (Read full report)
Doctors at Shaheed Suhrawardy Hospital and Shishu Hospital are struggling to manage the large number of patients thronging the hospitals every day.
Dr Monir Hossain, a physician at the DMCH outpatient department, told The Daily Star that the viral complaints start with the monsoons and last through to September.
Viral infection spreads mostly in crowded places like offices and classrooms, and patients will recover within a week, though fatigue might persist for a few weeks more.


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