>graft in two RHD roads costs Tk 29cr

>THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in its primary report on corruption in the Roads and Highways (R&H) Department revealed that irregularities in constructing two roads resulted in the loss of Tk 29 crore to the state exchequer, not to mention the roads are unusable now. (Click for full report)
The ACC investigation disclosed that officials concerned in R&H in collaboration with contractors used substandard materials, did not maintain procurement regulations or follow specifications for construction and misappropriated Tk 29 crore.
The R&H department constructed a 55-km-long road to Hatirkumrul in Sirajganj from Bonpara spending Tk 310.24 crore. The contractors used soil in construction instead of sand and the road started developing potholes soon after construction and has became unusable now. The state exchequer lost Tk 24.95 crore due to this.
The 48-km-long Dhaka bypass was constructed spending Tk 290 crore. The contractor used brick gravels and sand for paving the base of the road at a ratio of 1:16 instead of the specified ratio of 1:4. This road has also become unusable and the state exchequer lost Tk 4 crore.
The ACC yesterday revealed the findings to the media during a routine press briefing at the ACC headquarters.


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