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>i look stupid: how to take a web head shot

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>Lately, the Internet has been trying—politely—to find out what I look like. Gmail suggested that I upload a photo “that everyone will see when you email them.” My new Apple computer asked whether it could take a webcam shot for iChat. And Facebook was so annoyed with my question mark icon (where a photo would normally be) that it found a photo of me that someone else had tagged, surrounded my head with a red square, and asked whether it might make a good profile picture. The text-y era of the nobody-knows-you’re-a-dog Internet is ending. You either have a head shot or you’re invisible, How to solve this modern problem? At times like this, it’s best to turn to the wisdom of British journalists. This article in the Guardian classifies head shots into nine groups, such as the hand job, the gormless grin, I’m a star too, prop or gimmick, and making friends. I found the hand job—”A hand framing or supporting face is easily the most popular pose,” says the Guardian—of particular interest, because, after grimacing in front of my web cam for a half-hour (and feeling like a high-school sophomore), that’s the solution I came up with. Here’s the Guardian‘s take: “Pro: Versatile, conveys quizzical image. Con: Can look camp or arch.”


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