>142 bridges to replace small, narrow ones

>THE government will build 142 bridges to replace the small and medium-size narrow bridges in the country’s eastern part. (Click for full report)
The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) will provide Tk 474.51 crore in loan for constructing 68 bridges which are 30 metres or above in length, while the Bangladesh government will arrange funds for the rest.
Construction works of the bridges along with the national and regional highways involving Tk 652.69 crore will be completed by 2012.
The Economic Relations Department will sign an agreement with the Japanese government for the loan this month, sources said.
The bridges could not be maintained properly due to dearth of fund. The condition of some bridges is so bad that it is not economically viable to repair them, Superintendent Engineer of the Roads and Highway Department (RHD) Nabinoor Islam Khan told The Daily Star.
Construction works of the 68 bridges to be built with Japan’s financial assistance will be completed under four separate contract packages for Dhaka, Sylhet, Comilla and Chittagong region.
Eighteen bridges each will be built in Dhaka and Sylhet zones while 10 in Comilla and 22 in Chittagong zone.


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