>100-day job creation for poor in Oct

>THE government will launch a special 100-day employment generation programme involving Tk 2,000 crore in mid-October as a guarantee scheme for poor unemployed people in rural areas. (Read report)
“The main focus of the programme will be on 44 districts like the Monga-prone and coastal ones,” Finance Adviser Mirza Azizul Islam said after finalising the programme at a meeting with Food and Disaster Management Adviser AMM Shawkat today.

Under the programme 20 lakh people mostly from the 44 districts will be employed in various jobs for rural infrastructure development, maintenance and repair work and receive Tk 100 a day.

The programme will be implemented in two phases of the lean period–from mid-October to mid-January and from mid-March to mid-May.
People receiving benefits from other safety-net programmes like vulnerable group feeding (VGF), vulnerable group development, gratuitous relief and test relief will not be eligible for the programme.
“It will be ensured that one does not get benefits from different sources,” Mirza Aziz said.


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