>Ctg airport faces risky for dysfunctional fire tenders

>AIRCRAFTS are facing serious risks while landing at or taking off from Shah Amanat International Airport (SAIA) in Chittagong since all the airport’s three fire-fighting vehicles have been unserviceable for about two months, writes Rashidul Hasan. (Full article here)
Airport authorities have made arrangements with the fire service stations in Chittagong city for sending fire-fighting vehicles daily to attend aircraft landing and take-off. But the authorities often have to advise planes awaiting landing to fly slow or hover in the sky when fire-fighting vehicles delay in reaching the airport, about 12 kilometres from the city.
Airline officials fear that if the international aviation watchdogs come to know about this situation at the SAIA, they might downgrade it from its present status of an international airport.
According to rules, the presence of fire-fighting vehicles at an airport is a must at the time of aircraft’s landing and take-off.
On June 12, the pilot of an aircraft of Biman Bangladesh Airlines landed the plane at the airport at his own risk after hovering in the sky for about 40 minutes although fire fighters had not yet arrived, Biman sources said.


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