>bigots fight heavily with police to protest women dev policy

>THE surrounding areas of Baitul Mukarram National Mosque turned into a battlefield yesterday when members of an Islamic organisation clashed with police leaving over 50 injured including 10 policemen and 15 pedestrians.
Witnesses said the hour-long clash started around 2:15pm when police resisted about 500 activists of Anti-Quran Law Resistance Committee attempting to march towards the office of the chief adviser in a procession after holding a rally on the mosque premises.
Khelafat Majlish and Islami Shashontantra Andolan recently formed the Anti-Quran Law Resistance Committee to protest against the National Women Development Policy approved by the advisers’ council recently.
“As police halted their progress, the agitating activists started pelting them with brickbats and broke through the police ring,” said pedestrian Mostofa Kamal who took shelter near the mosque during the clash.
Fifteen pedestrians including two children Shaon, 12, and Badhon, 9, were injured.
Employees of nearby shop Mithu Carpets said, “When police locked the gate at the north side, the activists came through other gates and attacked police with bamboo sticks and brickbats.”
At one stage, police resorted to charging truncheons and firing teargas canisters to disperse them. Police used around 10 teargas shells.
During the clash, the activists set fire to two motorbikes of law enforcers and damaged over 10 vehicles including two sports utility vehicles of the Islamic Foundation and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. (Click for full report)


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