>Islamist party discloses list of ‘war criminals’

>A faction of Islami Oikya Jote (IOJ) Saturday revealed a list of 15 ‘war criminals’ that include Matiur Rahman Nizami, chief of the country’s largest Islamist political party Jamaat-e-Islami, and incumbent food secretary Ayub Mia.
The IOJ blamed Nizami of directly taking part in the mass killings during the 1971 Liberation War when 3 million Banglees were killed .

The party claimed to have prepared from documentary evidence and accounts of 651 witnesses.
IOJ in a press conference at its Motijheel office unveiled the names of the war criminals claiming that all the necessary evidence are in their possession and the witnesses are available.
The IOJ leaders urged the government to form an inquiry commission comprising justices, sector commanders of the Liberation War, lawyers, educators and political scientists to investigate the crimes committed by the war criminals.
The chairman of the IOJ faction said they were ready to handover all documents, statements and evidence before the commission.
The 15 war criminals on the IOJ’s list are Matiur Rahman Nizami, the then supreme commander of Al-Badr and the present chief of Jamaat-e-Islami, Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojahid, the then deputy chief of Al-Badr and present secretary general of Jamaat-e-Islami, Mir Kasem Ali, the then deputy chief of Al-Badr in charge of Chittagong region and presently central leader of Jamaat and country director of Rabita Al-Alam Al-Islami, Bangladesh, late Mohammad Younus, the then Al-Badr commander and leader of Jamaat and a director general of Islami Bank, Bangladesh, Muhammad Kamaruzzaman, then Jamalpur branch commander of Al-Badr, Ashraf Hossain, then commander of Mymensingh branch Al-Badr and currently a businessman, ASM Ruhul Quddus, then deputy chief of Dhaka Al-Badr, Sardar Abdus Salam, chief of Dhaka Al-Badr and currently a central leader of Jamaat, Abdul Hai Faruki, commander of Rajshahi district Al-Badr and currently doing business living in Dubai, Abu Naser Muhammad Abu Zaher, commander of Chittagong Al-Badr and currently one of the member of board of directors of Ibn Sina Trust and chairman of Islami Bank, Chowdhury Mohiuddin, deputy chief of Al-Badr operations and currently doing business in London, Ayub Miah, commander of Barisal district Al-Badr and currently secretary to food and disaster management ministry, Abdur Razzak, commander of Sylhet town Al-Badr and currently an advocate at the Bangladesh Supreme Court, Chowdhury Farid Uddin Ahmed, commander of Sylhet district Al-Badr and currently a leader of Jamaat, and Muhammad Shamsul Huq, commander of Dhaka city Al-Badr and currently a Jamaat leader.
The IOJ within a few days will reveal another list of 30 organisers under whose leadership the mass killings were conducted.
On July 26, the IOJ will also organise an international conference in Dhaka to mobilise public support against the war criminals.
“We have collected necessary documents, papers and evidence in support of the crime they had committed during the liberation war,” said Misbahur Rahman Chowdhury, chairman of IOJ. “We have collected accounts of 651 such witnesses who were affected by the war criminals and they [the witnesses] will appear before court and give their depositions after identifying the accused,” he added.
The IOJ faction chief strongly said he would give up politics if his claims about the war criminals of Jamaat were proven false.
The IOJ chief urged the Election Commission to bar the war criminals from taking part in the election.
Misbahur also urged the government to hold the election soon and free the detained chiefs of BNP and Awami League.
Meanwhile, Ayub Miah, in his reaction told The Daily Star last night that he was surprised to hear that his name has been included in the list. “I was 16 during the liberation war,” said Ayub.
“They can ask any freedom fighter about me in my area in Patuakhali,” he said adding that he would take necessary legal steps regarding the allegation made by IOJ.

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