>41 grenades seized, identical to those hurled on AL rally

>THE 41 grenades seized in Satkhira on Friday night are identical to those used in the August 21 blasts at an Awami League (AL) rally in 2004 that killed 24 AL leaders and workers and maimed three hundred others.
Like the ones detonated to cause August 21 carnage, these too are of Arges brand and were supplied by Moulana Tajuddin, according to Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) officials.
Tajuddin is brother of former deputy minister and BNP leader Abdus Salam Pintu who is now detained in a case filed for the blasts.
“The grenades recovered from Satkhira are similar in every detail with those used in the August 21 attack,” Director General (DG) of Rab Hassan Mahmood Khandkar told a press briefing at Rab headquarters in Uttara.
The elite crime busters made the seizure at Simulia village of Debhata upazila following up leads obtained from Huji leader Mufti Moin Uddin alias Abu Jandal alias Masum Billah.
During the raid, they also picked up Nazrul Islam Ghorami, a suspected operative of Harkatul Jihad al Islami (Huji).
“The arrests will provide important leads in investigation of August 21 grenade attacks,” the Rab DG said.
Huji operations commander Mufti Hannan earlier told investigators that his close aide Moin Uddin alias Abu Jandal led the August 21 grenade attack, said a top Rab official requesting not to be named.
Hannan also said some of the grenades were still in Jandal’s possession.
Additional Director General of Rab Col Gulzaruddin Ahmed said they arrested Abu Jandal, 29, at the guesthouse of Memberbari Jam-e Masjid at Banirchala of Joydevpur on February 14.
He said during interrogation, Jandal told Rab members that Nazrul Islam Ghorami might have some grenades hidden somewhere at Shimulia.
Rab officials said Nazrul told them that Jandal had handed him the grenades. He said he does not know anything beyond that, but interrogators believe he is keeping back information.


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