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>HC verdict in Hasina writ wil determine future of other graft cases

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>HIGH Court judgment on former premier Sheikh Hasina’s writ petition challenging the legality of bringing an extortion case against her under the ambit of Emergency Power Rules (EPR) will determine the fate of other such cases under the EPR.
Law Adviser AF Hassan Ariff made this comment yesterday while talking about the future of cases filed for crimes committed before the promulgation of the Emergency Power Ordinance but being investigated under the EPR.
“The High Court’s interpretation of any law is final and applicable for all other similar cases. So, fate of other similar cases will be the same,” Ariff said while during his weekly briefing at the secretariat.
When he was asked to comment on the views of the six amici curiae that the placement of the Tk 2.99 crore extortion case against Hasina under the Emergency Powers Rules was illegal, the adviser, a former highest law official of the country, declined to comment syaing it would be subjudice since the matter was pending with the court.
His statements came a day after six legal experts appointed as amicus curiae [“friend of the court”, an adviser to the court on some matter of law and who is not a party to the case] in the hearing of the extortion case against Hasina opined that it would be a violation of the constitution if a pre-emergency crime is brought under the ambit of EPR.
(Read The Daily Star report)


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