>chilly wind, drizzle disrupt life for second day

>LIFE in the capital and elsewhere in the country was disrupted for the second day today as cold wave and drizzles triggered by icy Himalayan winds continued with fog and clouds.
Enveloped by mist, most parts of the country, especially the northern region and those living in the open and unable to afford warm clothes, was affected in the fag end of winter which is very short, at least in the capital.
In most of the cities and towns, traffic was thin on streets, shopping malls and kitchen markets had a very bad day as people ventured to go out only on urgent needs.
The lowest temperature in the country yesterday — 12 degrees Celsius– was recorded at Dinajpur. In the capital, the lowest temperature was 15.3 degrees.
The chilly weather also hampered farming as many peasants and farm labourers could not go out to work.
Met office’s today’s forecast said the drizzle caused by a westerly low along with easterly trough is likely to continue for a couple of days more in different areas of the country.
Temperature may further fall in Rajshahi Division, it added.


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