>sycophancy eaten up democracy in both main political parties

>Echoing political analysts and several other politicians of Bangladesh, leaders from two main political parties — Awami League and BNP — yesterday said sycophancy over the years destroyed democratic practice in the parties.
As the military-backed caretaker government moves ahead with its political reform agenda, more and more politicians voice their opinion against party chief’s supreme power and abuse of that, which, they are saying now, blocked the path of democratic practice inside the party.
It seems two ‘Begums’, who ruled the years without facing any threat to their position and power, are going to experience something different.
The political parties were so critical about the civil society, when the latter launched a campaign for ‘clean candidates’ for parliamentary elections which came along with a set of political reform proposal, that they did not fell short of discovering the civil society leaders’ ill-motive to go to power themselves. Most of the parties, maybe for the first time, had same tone while castigating the civil society.
Interestingly, people of Bangladesh came to know recently, after the military-backed government cracked down on corrupt politicians, that the political parties also want the reforms.
Read The Daily Star story


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