>Diary: Week Six

>I had a good week, full of events. Firstly, I was working for the biggest story so far, a feature on Indian mango in the U.S. The government gave importers green signal to import Indian mangoes 18 years after it the passage was blocked due to the authorities worries about pesticide. However, I enjoyed working on this story. As I worked on it through the week, I talked with some top Indian businessmen and got an idea about Indian business community, chain shops here in the U.S. who are mainly involved in mostly Indian products.
The story will come out next Thursday. I went to Duquesne Club with my mentor Greg Victor Thursday to attend the lecture by Ambassador Christopher Hill, head of US delegation to the six-party talks and Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Those who went there enjoyed the lecture very much because we cannot not know about
the inside story of the talks otherwise.
I’ll be looking for more such programs because, I think, it’ll help me get an idea about U.S. foreign policy.
I had a good time with Greg, Nik, Peter and Rekha. We went to watch Pittsburgh Pirates’ game with Atlanta Braves. The local team lost again, this time 2-9.
It’s a total poor performance, they could not establish any sort of dominance over the Braves.

However, it was a very nice weather and we were sitting with other residents of Mt. Lebanon. The kids enjoyed the time very much. The Mt. Lebanon residents came and sat together at one side of the PNC stadium. A portion of the ticket money would go for treatment of two students.
Also this week, I watched Spider 3 at Destinta in Bridgeville with Greg, Rekha, Nik and Peter.


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